Board Members

The Board of Directors continually seeks grant funding, corporate support, and donation opportunities to bring educational programs and exhibits to the museum. In addition, other non-profit organizations with an interest in history, ecology, science, and African-American arts are sought to become affiliate members of The Friends.

Executive Board:

Composition – The Executive Board consists of the following officers of the Friends: the President, the Vice President of Community Affairs, the Vice President of Museum Activities, the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, the Corresponding Secretary, and the Parliamentarian.

Duties – The Executive Board has general supervision of the affairs of the Friends between meetings of the Board of Directors.  It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, orders an annual external audit, develops a long range plan, arranges for insurance, and resolves issues.  The Executive Board is subject to the orders of the Board of Directors and none of its acts  will conflict with actions taken by the Board of Directors.

Meetings – Meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or may be called upon the written request of three members of the Executive Board.  Minutes of the meetings shall be taken by the Recording Secretary.

Honorary Board

The Honorary Board of the Friends is comprised of recognized persons whose special interest and contribution provide a benefit to the museum.  Selection to the Honorary Board is made by 3/4 vote by the Board of Directors.

PRESIDENT – Cynthia T. Dejesus –

VP Museum Activities – Guy Lucas III –

VP Museum Affairs – Victor Holliday –

Secretary – Leslie Morgan, Ph.D. –

Financial Secretary – Fred Hickok –

Treasurer – Charnetta Holman –

Parliamentarian – Janet T. Johnson, Esq.

President Emeritus – William Lambert

Committee Chairpersons

Al Bracey: Public Engagement, Co-Chair: Jazz Committee

Debbie D. Thomas: Public Engagement, Volunteer Chair

Norwood Johnson: Public Engagement, Co-Chair Social Media (website)

Walter A. Gill, Ph.D.: Public Engagement, Programs Co-Chair (historical)

David Ludwlkoski: Public Engagement, Farmstead/Environment

Nicole Thomas Holmes: Public Engagement

Jerome King: Public Engagement

Honorary Board Members

Ray Clark, Gwen Marable (7th collateral descendent of Benjamin Banneker), Maxine Taylor, Lenwood Johnson, William Lambert, Charles Lewis Wagandt, Cole Wiggins, Betty Stewart, John McGrain, Marilyn M. Cornish, Bob Garner