School & Group Programs

Experience hands-on history close to home. Here, history comes alive on Benjamin Banneker’s original property. It was here that Benjamin Banneker became one of the nation’s first great renaissance men, with his work as a:

Historical Interpreters
  • Mathematician
  • Astronomer
  • Clockmaker
  • Almanac Author
  • Abolitionist
  • Tobacco Farmer
  • Musician
  • Surveyor of Washington, D.C.

Join us for unique adventure in history with our History Workshops, General Exhibit Tours, and Storytellers.

History Workshops

All workshops are aligned with the Maryland Department of Education’s Common Core Curriculum. These sessions will take one and a half to two hours.

Life in Colonial Maryland (Grades 4-8)

During this two-hour program experience, students will become history detectives as they investigate artifacts, the Banneker gallery, a colonial cabin, and the statements of a re-enactor to uncover Maryland’s colonial past. After exploring these primary and secondary sources centered on the life of Benjamin Banneker, students will be asked to synthesize their findings and to reflect on their learning experience. Students will record their findings in a take-home History Detective Booklet, which will allow for further classroom discussions and serve as guide for citing various historical data.

Exploring Childhood Adventures in Colonial America (Grade 3)

Children in the colonial era played to learn. Through activities, students in this session will experience the life-ways of colonial youth and the cross-cultural exchange of ideas in this era. In addition, they will gain an understanding of societal norms and expectations. For historical context, they will learn about the life and times of Benjamin Banneker.

Defining Democracy in the New Republic: Banneker and His Contemporaries (Grades 5-9)

Following a documentary and a tour of the Banneker Gallery and farmstead, students will be engaged in a captivating workshop. Using early American primary sources, they will explore protest literature including Benjamin Banneker’s letter to Thomas Jefferson as well as other African American writings in the 1700s. These writings will be studied in view of the founding principles of American government and responsible citizenship.

General Exhibit Tours

These half-hour to an hour tour experiences may be combined with other program choices or utilized exclusively.

Benjamin Banneker Gallery (Grades 3-12)

After viewing a brief orientation DVD or a documentary about Benjamin Banneker, students will explore the gallery to learn more about this incredible man. Several original artifacts and documents belonging to the Bannekers are displayed in this room. Afterward, students will tour a furnished colonial cabin. An optional addition of a storyteller (for an additional fee) is often included in this experience.

Discovery Tour (Grades 4-8)

Under the direction of a gallery assistant, students will independently explore the Banneker Gallery with an activity sheet. This guide will acquaint them with Banneker’s 1791 prediction of a solar eclipse, his farm, and other fascinating facets of his life.

Storyteller (All grades)

Banneker Re-Enactor, with Chickens

Storytellers are available on a limited basis. With advance notice, experienced re-enactors in period costumes are available to bring the remarkable stories of the Banneker family, as well as his contemporaries, to life. If you would like a Benjamin Banneker re-enactor to perform, please note that there will be an additional fee.

Fees and Accommodations

$3.00 per student, no charge for teachers and chaperones at a ratio of one teacher/chaperone per 15 students. Additional teacher/chaperones will pay the student rate.

Please let us know in advance about special needs so we can make accommodations.

To book or for detailed information please contact the museum at 410-887-1081 or