ViewSpace is an internet-fed, self-updating, permanent exhibit from the Space Telescope Science Institute, home of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. It transforms a small corner of your exhibit hall or planetarium lobby into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of inspiring and educational presentations of the latest and most beautiful in astronomy and space-based earth science. And the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum is the only location in Baltimore County where this tool is available for viewing!

ViewSpace uses a multimedia PC and a large-format display (such as data-grade video projector, plasma display panel, or presentation monitor) to show free-running multimedia presentations that combine:

• Beautiful, high-resolution images
• Digital movies and animations
• Interpretive captions, and
• Evocative space music

People with time- or interest-constraints can wander in and out while still enjoying the experience. ViewSpace portrays the beauty and wonder of the universe and the blue planet as seen from above, and gently guides the viewer to a deeper understanding of astronomy through lucid, well-paced exposition. As patrons watch it – they interact with the message.

Automatic daily updates are provided via Internet upload. Museum patrons enjoy ViewSpace. Some will take in the view for a few minutes. Some will read the captions and learn astronomy. Some will sit engrossed for an hour or more (this happens quite often)! We will have an astronomy exhibit that never goes out of date, and one that brings the advantages of NASA’s huge investment in science and exploration to our museum.

According to the North Museum of Natural History and Science in Lancaster, PA, ViewSpace has been nothing but “stunning, provocative, and professional.” In fact, the new network-based ViewSpace just won an award from the American Association of Museums Media and Technology Committee for the “Highest Standards of Excellence in the use of Media and Technology for Interpretation and Education in Science.”


Give your visitors a direct connection to the latest and best from Hubble – and more – in a way they can’t get anywhere else! ViewSpace, updated daily over the internet, includes:

Viewspace2015 Celestial and Terrestrial Tours
Celestial and Terrestrial Tours
In-depth and highly visual explorations of a wide variety of intriguing space- and earth-science subjects

Viewspace2015 Hubble Update
Hubble Update
The latest images and science discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope, delivered to your screen the moment they are released

Viewspace2015 Celestial Update
Celestial Update
News from the frontiers of astronomy, with particular emphasis on the latest from NASA’s other space telescopes

Viewspace2015 Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Picture of the Day
A new astronomically themed image with interpretive text, every day

Viewspace2015 Mars Exploration Update
Mars Exploration Update
Status updates on the rovers and orbiters currently exploring Mars

Viewspace2015 Cassini-Huygens Update
Cassini-Huygens Update
Reports from the Saturn orbiter and Titan lander

Viewspace2015 Tonight's Sky
Tonight’s Sky
Beautifully illustrated introductions to the constellations, planets, deep sky objects, and special astronomical events of the night sky, updated monthly

Viewspace2015 Radio Astronomy Update
Radio Astronomy Update
Offered in collaboration with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the latest images and discoveries from the largest telescopes in the world

Viewspace2015 PlanetQuest Update
PlanetQuest Update
New discoveries about extrasolar planets and their environs are being made almost weekly. Keep your audiences up to date, courtesy of JPL’s PlanetQuest team.