Marketing & Community Relations Committee:

This committee generates media publicity for the park and museum activities, promotes relationships with businesses; service organizations, and other community relations resources; prepares the museum and the Friends publications including newsletters brochures, and communications materials; and plans for membership drives and publicity in conjunction with the membership committee.

Financial Management Committee:

This committee is comprised of 3 of the board members: the Vice President of Community Affairs (serves as the chairperson), the Treasurer, and a 3rd person named by the chair.  This committee prepares the annual Friends budget for the ensuing year, to be submitted to the Board at its meeting prior to the Annual Membership Meeting; consults with other Standing Committee chairpersons and the Department of Recreation and Parks representative to the Banneker Historical Park when formulating this budget; and prepares and files all required federal, state, and local tax statements and other financial forms and reports.

Collections and History Committee:

This committee manages and maintains the Friends archives and library including archives and library including artifacts, books, periodicals, and other holdings; plans for the acquisition of new materials; oversees the conservation of the collection; conducts a periodic inventory of museum property and holdings; and serves in the role of Historian, keeping for the Friends archives the written and pictorial records of all the Friends activities.

Program Committee:

This committee plans activities and programs related to the purposes of the Friends in cooperation with the Department of Recreation and Parks; informs the Marketing and Community Relations committee of the activities for inclusion in the newsletter, website, and for other publicity; and to coordinate the activities of the Program’s subcommittees.

Exhibits Committee:

This committee plans interesting and pertinent exhibits in cooperation, with the Department of Recreation and Parks; to sponsor exhibits by affiliated groups of the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum where related objects and histories can be displayed.

Gift Shop Committee:

This committee operates, manages, and staffs the gift shop f the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum; orders items with the approval of the Board that pertains to subjects relating to Benjamin Banneker; and maintains accurate gift shop records and transfers funds to the treasurer.

Membership Committee

This committee consists of at least 3 board appointed members. This committee designs and oversees membership activities which will include the design, print, and distribution of promotional material for membership and carrying on membership programs; consults with the Marketing & Community Relations committee for publicity regarding membership and in membership drives; keeps the Friends membership list current for the Marketing and Community Relations Committee; keeps a current file, giving information about amounts received for dues or contributions and the renewal dates; maintains membership records and sends annual renewal notices and second notices; distributes a membership list identifying new members at each meeting of the Board; and informs the Volunteer Committee of new members who are potential volunteers.

Volunteer/Docents Committee

This committee recruits and coordinates the training of volunteers as tour and trail guides, aides for special events, committee members, officers, and other volunteer museum activities; schedules volunteers for all programs and events; and develops and maintains a manual of volunteer procedures. Baltimore County requires a background check for volunteers. The brochure detailing the process can be found here: